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Belvedere Vigna Gustava

A scenic route promoted by the Fondazione CRC that winds for 800 meters from the Grinzane Cavour Castle to the In Vigna Museum, on the slopes of one of the symbolic places in the history of the unification of Italy.

The project

The itinerary lasts about 20 minutes, it is suitable for everyone and allows to enjoy the show of the Langhe surrounded by the vineyards and the history, among the rows of  Vigna Gustava, purchased by the CRC Foundation to produce Barolo that, thanks to its sale, supports initiatives of great social value.

During the walk you can listen to the stories full of emotions read out by the actor Mario Bois who, for the occasion, plays the unusual role of Count Camillo Benso di Cavour, first president of the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom of Italy. The Count in the castle and in the vineyards worked with hands and mind.

The highlight of the itinerary is the Belvedere, the terrace overlooking the hills, surrounded by the beauty of the Langhe.

Along the path, exciting and unique, the visitor will dive deeply in a world permeated with tradition, in an ancient era of simplicity, slowness and serenity. An essential aspect to understand the beauty of millennial natural artwork of the Langhe, Unesco World Heritage Site together with Roero and Monferrato since 2014 and an exceptional example of relationship between man and nature.

The route includes charging points for smartphones, laptops, other devices and columns for charging e-bikes.

On the trail of history

The story of Vigna Gustava told by the actor Mario Bois as Count Camillo Benso di Cavour on the notes of the original composition “Davanti a te” by the musician and composer Enzo Fornione.

There are places that we have the pleasure to return to. Enchanting.
Far from the grey houses of the city. Near to my composed rebellion.
When it seems easier to dream of the Unification of Italy or conquer the stock market,
rather than find inner peace, these places are an unparalleled panacea.
Even for a pragmatist such as myself. Here anything is possible.
The beauty of the windows and the views is to be found more and more in the places they show.
It must be said, the castle is magnificent, but for me the rich lands surrounding it have more value.
Silent and fruitful. The vision you find before your eyes. Vigna Gustava.
But the eye that is curious for works of art wants to see up close the hand of the artist behind them.
So, that said, do me the pleasure of following.

If politics is a place of business, where every word is razor-sharp, these hills are a completely different business. Here words spoken are straightforward and sincere, like the rugged handshake of a farmer or a generous and robust goblet of local wine.
I have done nothing since 1932 but bask in the view of vines and ripened grapes.
And congratulate myself for the excellent yield, which annuls the bitterness of arguments with my father who looks at my liberal restlessness with disdain. Here is where the last word stands with me.
Not so much because I am the Minister of Agriculture, but because I know the land.
And our beloved farmer, Giovanni Bosco, knows about that: with amazement he took on my innovations in cultivation and winemaking. Before now, who would have imagined seeing Champagne vines here! And, returning to the importance of words, I speak well with great oenologists, talented sellers and with the extremely kind Marchioness Giulia Colbert Falletti di Barolo, a wise and very pleasant conversation partner. The lands for me are a good omen for the great name and excellence that our own Nebbiolo wine will soon have, like the great noble French wines, or perhaps I should say… but let’s continue…

Isn’t it wonderful? Et voilà. Serralunga d’Alba, Castiglione Falletto, La Morra, behind us Diano d’Alba and here the nearby Grinzane are all, along with us, welcomed guests of this panorama, well-guarded by the castle.
Look at the towers, vigilant of the chessboard of good wine. So if we are talking of a chessboard, then the moves must be just right, made conscientiously. And set in stone. I am proud to tell you that in 1846 I personally counted 43 numbered barrels of which I could tell you the origins of every single grape contained therein. Staglieno and Oudart know a lot: I think approving their new winemaking methods was a genius move. Even if this does involve a profound renewal in the harvest methods. But you know, I am not scared of the new.

The springtimes I have lived will never intimately transform me into an old man, but I can tell you that, with the passing of the years the path ahead doesn’t leave me as bold as it once did. So, I shall leave it to those with good legs, since even if you are deceived by the easy descent, at the crossroads at the bottom a steep climb awaits you, so steep that your heart will need to take inspiration from the best Barolo if you want to find the courage to continue to the top. A fine strategist such as myself can accompany me back the way we came and we will meet, right there, at the top under the castle, ready to welcome those more daring than ourselves.

Good conversation is always a pleasing thing. And with you, I confess, it was so.
Please take no offence if my language with you was the same as that reserved for some nobles. I have much deference for you but cannot exclude that, should you grace us once again with your presence, we should take the opportunity to refine this empathy and socialise over a glass of our best wine. If the walk has left you satisfied, you can continue towards the castle and return to the beautiful view that marked the very beginning of our encounter. If the curious soul is not satiated, follow the sign to Vigne Cavour vineyards, which I hope may prove to be a pleasant conclusion to your walk. For my part, I will await your return immersed in the slogging papers of the kingdom. I hope to see you soon.

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